There will not arranged Főzdefeszt in 2017.



Főzdefeszt is a place for tasting, talking and responsible drinking.


1. Entry

There is no entrance fee, but you have to buy Főzdefeszt glass for beer tasting.


2. Főzdefeszt-glass:

You can drink from a new Főzdefeszt glass on the festival!
The glass is non-returnable, however you can leave it at the glass-booths on leaving.
Previous years’ glasses are not valid this year.

Our breweries and pubs will only tap beer into a branded Főzdefeszt-glass!
You can buy one of these at any beer-stall and Főzdefeszt Shops, and you can clean glasses at the glass-points, called „Poháröblítés”.

Price: HUF 


3. Payment Method:

Festivalcard + Touch credit card

The use of cash is forbidden.

You can acquire a FestivalCard card through FestivalCard charge-points „ Feltöltőpont” for a deposit of 500 Ft. When leaving, you can give your card back, and get  the deosit back at the same points. You also recieve the sum you havent spent from your card.

If your bankcard has a touch function, you don’t need a FestivalCard! You can simply use your bankcard for paying at our vendors.

When charging you festival card, you can pay with your bankcard, but int hat case, hellopay have to charge a fee of 2%. Since you get back your leftover money at the end anyway, we advise you to charge a bigger amount on your card to avoid frequent recharging and multiple fees.  


4. Toilettes:

Fully equipped and clean container toilets with basins handtowels and wait for the visitors on the festival. Having no entrance fee, toilettes are brought to you and kept in order by the owner of the toilets, for which you have to pay HUF . 


5. Dogs

Dogs allowed. Use leash and for bigger dogs muzzle as well!
Please clean up after your pet in all cases. Thank you!


6. Bicycle:

You can bring your bicycle to the festival area, but please don’t ride it! We take no responsibility for your bike so you will have to take care of it yourself!


7. Mobil-optimized website:

Festival map, beer-list and food-menu, and other useful informations are available on our website:



8. Voting:

The winner of the voting will be named as The Favourite Beer of the Year 2017 after our autumn festival!
If you have a smartphone, you can vote at the mobile-optimized website of Főzdefeszt.


9. Contribute

By entering the premises of the festival you agree with the rights of Főzdefeszt to make recordings on the scene and use these recordings for promotional use unconditionally.


Please take care of your surroundings, be nice to nature and use the toilettes!

Have Fun!